Progress in photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Breakthrough in Multilayer Imaging of Cancer Biomarkers in Single Cells by Prof. Yi-Tao Long’s Group
Great Progress on the Isolation of Key Intermediates in Metal-Catalyzed Reaction
A review paper was published in Chem. Rev. by our college
New Breakthrough in Z-Scheme Typed Photocatalysis for the Hydrogen Evolution
Breakthrough in novel preparation method of nanosized precious metals catalyst by Dr. Wangcheng Zhan
Breakthrough in “Vibration Induced Emission (VIE)” by Prof. Tian’s group
Breakthrough in photo-responsive molecular machine by Prof. Tian's group
Breakthrough in Supramolecular Chemistry by Prof. Da-Hui Qu Group
Researchers at ECUST developed novel 2D “glycosheet” and “peptidosheet” materials for targeted cancer diagnosis and theranostics
Glycofoldamers expedite influenza virus detection
Advanced single oligonucleotide discrimination with wild-type aerolysin nanopores
Breakthrough in near-infrared dye for in situ visualization of enzyme activity by Prof. Wei-Hong Zhu’s Group
A review paper was published in Chemical Reviews by Xie group
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