Secretary of Xuhui District visited our school

On the afternoon of April 20th, Mr. Bao Bingzhang (Secretary of Xuhui District) visited the Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials in our school to investigate and survey the progress of the preparatory work of the Joint Research Center of Nobel Scientists. Chen Yong (Director of Xuhui District Science and Technology Commission), Liu Jie (Deputy Director of the District Office) and Li Liqiao (Director of the Office of Science and Technology) accompanied this visit. Chen Qi (Deputy Director of ECUST party committee), Tian He (Standing Committee of ECUST party committee), Shen Haitao (Director of the office of ECUST party committee), Wang Aixiang (Director of the office of the principal) and Cheng Yi (Deputy Director of Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials) also participated in research activities.

  Prof. Tian first introduced the advancement of the Feringa Nobel Scientists Joint Research Center. He stressed that this research center is a research institute set up by ECUST to focus on the major strategic requirements of national scientific and technological innovation, which relying on Key Laboratory of Advanced Materials. This research center focuses on the forefront of molecular engineering will cooperate with many internationally recognized top scientists in North America and Europe, particularly three Nobel Prize winners in 2016 (Prof. Ben L. Feringa, Prof. J. Fraser Stoddart and Prof. Jean-Pierre Sauvage), to carry out international academic exchanges and cooperation, strengthening the frontier basic research and source of technological innovation, enhancing the original innovation ability. Prof. Tian and Prof. Feringa have reached a consensus that we will cooperate in the construction of Nobel Scientists joint research center, leading and carry out world-class basic research.

  Bao Bingzhang said that the team led by Prof. Tian carried out a leap-forward, revolutionary research work, which not only focused on the forefront of the field in chemical-related basic research, but also developed precision medical research with a broad application prospects of technological innovation. Xuhui District positions itself as a Center for Science and Technology Innovation with global influence in Shanghai, so we need to strengthen the sense of innovation, ultilizing Xuhui technology advantages and improving the contribution of the construction of a service center. Xuhui District is willing to support the institutions like Nobel Scientists Joint Research Center with their international influence, so that we can integrate into the global innovation network more actively.

  Chen Qi stressed that the establishment of the Joint Research Center of Nobel Scientists is one of the key work of our school in 2017. It is also an important part of the 65th anniversary of our school. We will provide the all-round support to ensure the establish of research center, making it a world-class research center.

In the end, Xuhui District and our school will continue to co-planning direction, refining the way of cooperation, and promoting a win-win situation.

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