Prof. Miguel A Garcia-Garibay from UCLA visited our school

    On September 16th, invited by Prof. Tian He (Academician of CAS), Prof. Miguel A Garcia-Garibay (Subeditor of JACS, from UCLA) visited our school and gave a lecture titled “Amphidynamic Materials and Molecular Machines: Supramolecular and Extended Architectures”. Prof. Zhu Weihong hosted the lecture, and Prof. Tian He, Long Yitao, Qu Dahui, Wang Qiaochun, Ma Xiang, Guo Zhiqian also attended the lecture.
    In the lecture, Prof. Garcia-Garibay introduced the design of using molecular design to construct the artificial molecular machine. For example, loading ethynylene bridged benzene, cyclopentadienyl ring and allyl benzene ring into molecular machines and MOF material system by an artful synthesis to realize the rotation function of the prototype parts, such as gears, in the molecular machine. He also stated the dynamic rotational motion of a molecular machine system, which established a mathematical relationship between molecular components and the rotational frequency rotational energy barrier.

    Prof. Garcia-Garibay made a comprehensive and highly condensed summary of artificial molecular machine, pointed out the key technology development strengths, existing problem and trend in this field, which greatly broaden horizons of participants. After the lecture, Prof. Garcia-Garibay discussed with participants and exchanged opinions.

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